Whitening Your Armpits, Elbows And Knees With Natural Remedies

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Dark elbows and knees are a very common sight amongst all groups. They are mostly a result of your natural skin color; people who are fair do not undergo the same elbow and knee problems as compared to dark skinned individual.


There is absolutely no reason to fret about these problems since there are numerous ways to get rid of them. Another cause for such darkness over the areas is friction.

When the knees and elbows undergo persistent friction they tend to become rough and give in to darkness. Be very careful with your movements; your knees and elbows are always exposed to friction.


You must have spent enormous amount of time in supermarkets in search of the right product that can cure your ugly elbows and knees. But, fortunately, now their cure is no more costly; in fact, it is readily available at one’s place and can be directed to this use, immediately.

The hard skin accumulating on the surfaces tend to become very difficult to come out; so while you’re bathing make sure that you can work carefully on these areas. Ignoring its presence will only make them darker and uglier. Exfoliate the areas by using an apricot scrub and a loofah; this helps you get rid of the darkness in no time.


Keep your limbs moist at all times in order to reduce the pressure and force of friction.  Application of a sunscreen on the areas or wearing clothes that keep them covered will also prove to be great help; you will be protected from tanning and discoloration at all times.


Bleaching, as we all know, is a phenomenon when the color of a certain skin area is lightened. Instead of using the chemical bleaches that are stocking up in supermarkets, use your home made bleach.


Did you know lemon is a natural bleacher? All areas that are relatively darker than your natural skin can have lemon juice applied to it. To make it more effective, use a small quantity of coconut oil with lemon juice.


Making a mixture of vinegar and yogurt is equally effective on the dark patches on your body. Apart from rising dough, baking soda is also capable of bleaching dark skin.


Armpits, often, appear darker than the rest of the arms. This is due to the fact that you may have a lot of hair in the pores of your arm pits thereby making it look darker.


However, you can get rid of the ugliness by applying the above mentioned natural bleachers. Also, make sure that you avoid shaving your arm pits; instead, wax them in order to remove the accumulated dead cells on them.